Second Opportunity

       Usually I always healthy until my 46 year old. If I sick,  it was only light sick, such as flu or cough.  But in 2016 the doctor said that i must be surgeried in my head because I had a tumor in meningioma ( brain layer which is cover our brain). 

I’m very afraid because it was possible to risk heart failed , breath failed  or paralyzed. I feel that I was so close with the death.  I have never been surgeried yet.  I was giving birth four times by normal way.  But I didn’t have other choices.  If the surgery posponed it was more dangerous because the tumor would be grow bigger and disturb my left part body moving since the tumor is in the front right side of my brain layer also disturb my eyesight.

To be a sick person was not comfort at all.  We couldn’t eat what we like but we have to follow the hospital nutritionist. In case of me, I couldn’t eat fried food because there was plaque in my arteri ( or aorta?)  eventough my weight is normal ( 50 kg for 157 cm height). My activity was limited in the hospital room. It was made me uncomfort because I usually live actively. I am a working woman and mother of four daughters.

Before the surgery I promised to God to live better and more appreciate my life than before.

Fortunately the surgery was success and I feel like getting my second opportunity to continue my life.  Now I am very happy that I still can see my husband,  my daughters, flowers are blooming, birds are flying,  my youngest daughter is crying,  the sun rise and sun set, people walking,  people working,  people laughing, people eating….. all the living signs.

The best of being healthy is I can eat without disturbing food tube in my throat and without disturbing tube in my nose.

Life is beautiful if you are healthy.